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Kingdom of Cambodia

Support in Cambodia

JUWELIS started doing business in Cambodia in 2014 and fell in love with this charming country.

Unfortunately, history destroyed amazing landmarks such as parts of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.

The civil war left the country with devastating scars and poverty, especially in rural areas.

JUWELIS Human Care Association dedicates a majority of its activities to the underprivileged population of Cambodia.

Farmers in Cambodia

With JUWELIS Smart Farm and the Moringa project in Cambodia, JUWELIS Human Care Association will be able to enhance farmer's life. Please see details on our news section and on the JUWELIS Human Care Association Website.

Cambodia-Dutch Organization

The Cambodia-Dutch Organization (CDO) is a Dutch registered NPO, founded by JUWELIS' partner Mr. Jan Camp in 2008. CDO built a hospital and schools in rural Cambodia. Additionally, Dutch volunteers teach a network of local teachers the English language with the purpose to work with the village children.

JUWELIS Human Care Association works very closely with CDO to support future projects and maintain the current programs. More details on the activities and needs can be found on JUWELIS Human Care Association and on Cambodia-Dutch Organization website.

Woman in Cambodia

JUWELIS Human Care Association supports woman in rural areas by empowering them and teaching them sustainable solutions to enhance their livelihood. See our activities on the JUWELIS Human Care Association website.

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